Thursday, December 5, 2013

English Vinglish...

Because I had time last night, I had the chance to watch this interesting Hindi movie : English Vinglish.
...and I love Sridevi so much since I could remember.

But... the point is the storyline is quite interesting and it's kind of having a relaxation while watching the movie. It's all about Shashi Godbole (Sridevi) who is just an ordinary housewife who has a small business selling laddoos. Her husband and her daughter take her for granted and always complain about her poor ability in English language.

Luckily her son and her mother-in-law love her so much. One day, her sister who works in New York asked her to stay with her family for a month - for the wedding of her niece. There she learned that she has to do something about her English... so she took a four week course of learning to speak better English.

Things happened so fast during the four week and a French chef - Laurent - fell in love with her at the first sight (not knowing that she has a husband and children). They talked a lot with each other - about life, friends, family and love. She learned so many things as the students in that class came from different countries and they have to learn the language so that they can communicate with others easily (they came from different background and workplaces).

One thing that she learned when something happened between Laurent and her:
She has to learn to respect and appreciate herself first in order for her to be happy. Other people might take her for granted but she has to learn to love herself better. 

In a way... I feel enlightened after I watch that movie. I feel happy about myself although there are people who hate me for being ME. So... I learned that I should feel glad about who I am... what I have...about the people who love me dearly. For those people who hate me : You need to find someone else to be blamed for not being happy about yourself.

Alhamdulillah... life can be hard sometimes; but to endure it can be a bless in disguise.

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