Saturday, November 16, 2013

Parting seems NORMAL... isn't it?

One more week... and I have to continue my life as a lecturer. Living far from my children bothers me a lot but what can I do...

My twins will be transferred to a new school next year due to their personal problems that can only be solved by their dad. Although my heart doesn't allow them to live far away from me, but my common sense asked me to do so.

Living as a working mother is not easy. You can ask anyone if you like and the answer would be the same - juggling things at the same time seems impossible but most working women can tackle them; one by one.

With the help of the husband, the house chores can be handled easily; but when you live with your children and your husband works somewhere else, it could be difficult for you to handle.

It has been two years for my twins and they didn't find Jengka that appealing. They requested to stay in Kuala Lumpur with their dad. It hurts me... but thinking that they will be happy with their dad and they promised me to study hard lead me to the decision of letting them go.

I know my decision seems cruel to my youngest daughter for she is really close to her brother. She would feel lonely without the twins and I would feel empty without them.

What can I do? -SIGH-

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