Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Heirs

One more Lee Min Ho drama - he is the cutest ever! :)

This time around he (Kim Tan) is the outcast son of a rich family who is transferred far away from his birth mother since he was young but still, he is one of the heirs that can inherit his family's fortune.

He lives in California with his best friend. He likes to dine in at a local bar/restaurant near the beach. There's a Korean waitress that always serves him when he was there. It turned out to be Eun Sang's sister. Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) comes from a poor family background.

Her mother works at Kim Tan's house in Korea - serving his mother (they don't know the strings attached) and her mother is deaf. Working and earning money is a part of their daily routine but Eun Sang's sister doesn't care for she has to support her boyfriend in US.

So...after learning that her sister wants to get married, Eun Sang eagerly wanted to see her sister. But things din't go according to her plan. She has to overcome many difficult things once she arrived at the California's airport.

She met Kim Tan... and their story begins...

But the thing is; there are too many talented people in the drama and the story might be entangled with one don't know what actually might happen next.

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