Thursday, October 17, 2013


It is going to be the end of the first semester and the students have to evaluate the lecturers' performance for the whole semester. To tell you the truth; I don't really care about the evaluation because I know I had done the best I can to help my students.

There are changes in some of my students that sometimes amazed myself - they changed just because they feel they need to change; not because I told them to change. I'm just a mere teacher - who likes to help my students to become themselves and I will not force them to do the opposite!

Well... some of the comments did make me laugh my heart out; my cakes and my cupcakes were everywhere in the comment spaces.

I can be emotional sometimes but when I'm in class, I'd try my very best not to show my weaker point and I tried to smile every time I saw their faces. I like being surrounded by students who like to try out something new. They participated in every activity that I did in class and they can't wait to do different activities in class.

I don't really believe in orthodox ways in teaching English Language. The language itself can be hard on certain people and if I were to teach them using traditional ways, they will feel bored in my class. In leading them to a new journey full with fun and learning experience, I tried different methods and activities just to help them to acquire the language.

When I was teaching in schools, I used to have limited time in helping my students to acquire the language, but still I managed to do different activities in class - games, treasure hunts, language activities and so many more. So, I tried to apply the same activities here (in Matriculation) and the one hour given is a bless for me to make various interesting activities.

So...who said that English class is boring? You can ask that to my students!

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