Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sakit yang tak Nampak...khas buat PENDIDIK

Boleh dikatakan kita akan mengalami stress sama ada di rumah, di tempat kerja, dalam perjalanan ke tempat kerja dan macam-macam lagi jenis perkara yang boleh mengundang stress.

Tetapi yang paling terasa adalah stress di tempat kerja di mana terlalu ramai orang ingin menunjukkan kehebatan diri masing-masing terutamanya di depan majikan. Manakan tidak, kalau di belakang majikan, bukan main hebat si dia berkata-kata, namun jika di depan majikan...pijak semut pun tak mati.

Stress memang ada bahayanya kerana penyakit ini sering melanda wanita yang bekerjaya dan yang sudah berumahtangga. Apatah lagi terpaksa melayan dua institusi yang memang berlainan kepentingannya - keluarga dan di tempat kerja. Berbanding dengan golongan lelaki yang mampu menzahirkan keinginan mereka secara mudah dan tepat.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Dugaan seorang ibu yang bergelar guru...

"Nama je anak pensyarah...pemadam pun tak mampu beli!"

Apabila anak lelaki saya ditempelak sedemikan rupa hanya kerana pemadam di penselnya sudah tiada dan membuatkan kertas soalannya hampir koyak... saya agak terkilan. Bukan besar sangat kesalahannya... namun kerjaya saya turut menjadi taruhan...

Akibat panas di hati, saya bertanya di forum FB milik sekolah anak saya. Akhirnya guru kelasnya membuat panggilan bertanyakan mengapa saya bertindak sedemikian rupa.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jatuh Cinta LAGI

Perkara normal bagi setiap insan itu untuk jatuh cinta kepada insan yang lain. Cuma yang jadi masalahnya jika tidak kena tempat, waktu dan ketika.

Bayangkan kalau ada skandal di tempat kerja? Dah ada suami atau isteri... tetapi masih lagi tercari-cari skandal baru. Hmmm... meletus perang lah jawabnya.


Cinta kepada Allah S.W.T lagi indah...

Cinta kepada Rasul lagi didambakan...

Cinta kepada agama membawa keberkatan...

Cinta kepada pasangan hidup membahagiakan jiwa...

Cinta kepada ilmu menjadikan kita sempurna...

Cinta kepada diri sendiri demi mengelakkan perbuatan yang merugikan...

Cinta kepada sahabat mendamaikan...

Cintakan keluarga banyak manfaat...

Hakikat CINTA itu terlalu luas maksudnya. Hanya kita yang dapat mencari CINTA yang sejati jika diizinkan Allah S.W.T.

Jangan terlalu mencintai DUNIA tanpa merenung jauh ke AKHIRAT.

Jangan terlalu mencintai diri sehingga timbul RIAK dan EGO.

Jangan terlalu mencintai WANG sehingga timbul perasaan IRI HATI dan HASAD DENGKI.

Jangan terlalu mencintai NAFSU kerana kelak kamu akan dihimpit kelesuan.

Jangan terlalu mencintai pasangan kerana perlu ada sedikit perasaan curiga; manusia tetap manusia.

Hakikat diri ini: masih lagi belajar mencintai ilmu, diri sendiri, suami, keluarga, Rasul, agama dan yang paling BERKUASA...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Heirs

One more Lee Min Ho drama - he is the cutest ever! :)

This time around he (Kim Tan) is the outcast son of a rich family who is transferred far away from his birth mother since he was young but still, he is one of the heirs that can inherit his family's fortune.

He lives in California with his best friend. He likes to dine in at a local bar/restaurant near the beach. There's a Korean waitress that always serves him when he was there. It turned out to be Eun Sang's sister. Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) comes from a poor family background.

Her mother works at Kim Tan's house in Korea - serving his mother (they don't know the strings attached) and her mother is deaf. Working and earning money is a part of their daily routine but Eun Sang's sister doesn't care for she has to support her boyfriend in US.

So...after learning that her sister wants to get married, Eun Sang eagerly wanted to see her sister. But things din't go according to her plan. She has to overcome many difficult things once she arrived at the California's airport.

She met Kim Tan... and their story begins...

But the thing is; there are too many talented people in the drama and the story might be entangled with one don't know what actually might happen next.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


It is going to be the end of the first semester and the students have to evaluate the lecturers' performance for the whole semester. To tell you the truth; I don't really care about the evaluation because I know I had done the best I can to help my students.

There are changes in some of my students that sometimes amazed myself - they changed just because they feel they need to change; not because I told them to change. I'm just a mere teacher - who likes to help my students to become themselves and I will not force them to do the opposite!

Well... some of the comments did make me laugh my heart out; my cakes and my cupcakes were everywhere in the comment spaces.

I can be emotional sometimes but when I'm in class, I'd try my very best not to show my weaker point and I tried to smile every time I saw their faces. I like being surrounded by students who like to try out something new. They participated in every activity that I did in class and they can't wait to do different activities in class.

I don't really believe in orthodox ways in teaching English Language. The language itself can be hard on certain people and if I were to teach them using traditional ways, they will feel bored in my class. In leading them to a new journey full with fun and learning experience, I tried different methods and activities just to help them to acquire the language.

When I was teaching in schools, I used to have limited time in helping my students to acquire the language, but still I managed to do different activities in class - games, treasure hunts, language activities and so many more. So, I tried to apply the same activities here (in Matriculation) and the one hour given is a bless for me to make various interesting activities.

So...who said that English class is boring? You can ask that to my students!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dwelling in the PAST

Thinking of my life here in Jengka does upset my feelings sometimes. I feel like being trapped in a really small place without any fun things to do. Although it might sound silly, I do miss my life back when I was in SMK Seri Garing - the chaos, the hustle and bustle, the naughty students and I do miss my house in Tasik Puteri.

I'm not really dwelling in my past, it's just a remembrance that I hold on for the past three years. I feel kind of lonely here without the one that I love the most...

People come and go... life is not as easy as it may seem and I have to endure so many things by myself. I guess there's nothing wrong if I like to sit back and reflect myself - what did I do wrong or what is actually my goal in life. There's no definite answer for it for I don't know how to begin with.

I do make mistakes and I don't intend to make the same mistakes in my life, but sometimes life is a cruel battle that I have to face it alone - just by myself. If you ask me, I would say that I'm not really enjoying my present. I love things that happened in the PAST.

I missed my friends, my dear students, my parents, my family, my CHILDREN... I know that I've neglected my children the most as I am struggling to help those students in need.

Sometimes I need a moment for myself and pat on my shoulders and say, "I have done the very best today!"
Well, some people are too blind to see that it takes a lot of effort to help others in need and the worst part is they will criticize you no matter what you do for the benefits of others.

Dwelling in the past does make me happy...:)

Thursday, October 10, 2013


You seem hard to breathe and you need more time to think. "What should I do?" Or even worst, "The butterflies seem to be crawling out from my stomach!"

Nervousness is actually normal to all of us; even if we are doing the things that we always do and somehow we do have cold feet before doing something important in our life.

I have something interesting for students who are going to sit for MUET Speaking test in October...

Try some tips and who will not have COLD FEET anymore!

Good luck!

Who Are You?

One more new interesting drama full with suspense and anticipation. This time around, Cha gun Woo (Taecyeon from 2PM), a police officer helping out Yang Si Ohn (So Yi Hyun) to solve her case involving her dead boyfriend - whose spirit is lingering around her in order to protect her.

The story starts when Lee Hyung Joon (Kim Jae Wook) died when he was patrolling a smuggler's ship and somehow some higher ranked police officers were involved with his death.

Unfortunately, Yang Si Ohn (is also a police officer) was there when the incident happened. She got hit on the head which caused her to be in a comatose condition for six years. She lost her memories because of the incident.

After six years, she woke up miraculously and started to remember the incident bit by bit. Many incidents happen afterwards which lead her to the main cause of her boyfriend's death. Cha Gun Woo is helping her out and learned that the person that he admires the most is connected to the case.

For those Korean fans out there (especially Taecyeon's fans), this drama is quite might want to watch this movie.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mangga Cheese Cupcakes...

Bahan Puri Mangga:

2 Biji Mangga
1 cawan cream cheese
4 sudu gula
1/2 cawan susu sejat

***kisar / blend sebati

Ayak Bahan kering:

6 cawan tepung
2 sudu kecil bikarbonat
3 sudu kecil baking powder

Cairkan 150g unsalted butter dan sejukkan

7 biji telur saiz A
3 cawan gula
***Pukul hingga kembang
***Masukkan 2 sudu besar ovalette dan pukul lagi.
Apabila kembang, masukkan butter tadi.
Pukul lagi hingga sebati.

Barulah masukkan bahan kering yang diayak.
Pukul hingga rata. Masukkan 1/3 cawan minyak masak Daisy.
Kacau lagi. Dan akhir sekali masukkan Puri Mangga tadi.

Scoop ke dalam bekas muffin. Letak bekas muffin atas loyang - mengekalkan kelembapan kek.

Bakar : 180' C : 30 minit hingga masak. (bergantung dengan jenis oven).

Friday, October 4, 2013

Master's Sun

My life will not be complete without Korean Dramas - although there are some people dislike them. This time around, the Master's Sun. The story revolves around Tae Yang (Tae Gong Shil) who can see dead people / ghosts and Joo Joong Won who is some kind of 'shelter for her.

Many scary but funny incidents happened on their way to find out the real culprit for the kidnapping case that happened 15 years ago.

Tae Yang just woke up after being bedridden for 3 years. She develops the ability to see ghosts and communicate with them. In her way to run some errand for a ghost, she met Joong Won and then their story begins.

This is not a typical Korean Drama (some scenes might be) and I like the fact that both So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin were together in this drama. They haven't been in dramas lately and I do like to watch their works before.

For those fans out there... one more drama to be indulged...I know I do!

The casts : So Ji Sub, Gong Hyo Jin, Seo In Guk and Kim Yoo Ri.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Don't become a STRESSOR!!!!

Waiting for my students is actually a gift for me. I don't know why...but I like waiting for them to come to class and do so many fun things together. Although I have been teaching for 10 years now, the feeling is still the same - nervous and anxious of waiting for my students to enter the class and give their big smiles to me.

Recently I have to deal with so many stressors and I feel a little bit depressed with my surroundings. I feel a bit suffocated and can't really breathe smoothly. It could be that my nemesis is finally here or it could be that I can't take it anymore.

MUET is just around the corner and I'm nervous right now as I have tried my very best to help the students in all aspects as possible. But when the stressor is there smiling at me... I feel exhausted... as I'm dying helplessly right now.

I know... life is a battle...long journey ahead of us. The idea is to live the life to the fullest. But still, I hate those stressors who are just waiting there and wait for me to collapse and then they will be sneering to my face. I hate that Feeling!

I feel blessed to have so many students to help me to ease my heartaches since day one I was here. I feel like I still have them sitting next to me... having fun in English Class whereby they can do mostly anything as long as they are learning the language...

And you know what...I miss them every single day....


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