Saturday, September 28, 2013

Students can't be TRUSTED...

I was quite furious when I heard that above statement mentioned by one of my colleagues. Is it necessary to make that assumption when you are not having many classes in your weekly schedule? And the saddest part was that... that person has many years of teaching experience.

I wonder...why did that particular person mentioned it in a very important meeting? Is it because of the pressure? Is it because the students? Or is it just because to put some kind of shield before being attacked by other people?

But still, in my opinion; students do have their strengths and weaknesses - it is just that they don't have the chances to show the good side of them. Who are we to judge them just by looking at their exam results? It doesn't prove anything. It could be that they were stressed out during that exam, or perhaps they didn't do their very best on that day.

To me... they need guidance for they are just in the pre-U level. They are not ready yet after being released from their warm nest. Guide them for a few months and slowly let them to fly on their own - it will not hurt a teacher's pride for helping them like that.

I am really exhausted of listening to EXCUSES made by certain people when they don't really care to step in and ask the students what is going on in their life. I have taken few steps in helping my students and guess what - it really works! They trusted me and they shared their problems in a order to become a good human being; not just a mere STUDENTS.

As an educator, it is our job to nourish, nurture, guide, help and do what ever that we can to make sure our students will become someone that we can be proud of someday. And believe me... they will remember those who have helped them along the way...

Friday, September 27, 2013

When the students FAILed

My life seems hectic nowadays... I don't really have the time to write anything or spend sometimes with my blog.

Having three kids does make me tired sometimes, but not as tiring as those unwanted 'jobs' that I have to do for I am the head of English Unit in my work place.

Recently, the results (all subjects) of our mid-sem test were not really appealing and sorry to say...the lecturers were blamed and there's no room to argue on that. I'm not saying that we have done our best to teach our students; but to blame all lecturers is quite beyond expectation.

Lecturers are human beings (we are teachers/educators) and we do have good and bad sides - like others do. But to some of us who have given everything just to make sure all students were treated the same and received the same amount of good lessons, the negative comments made by our superior did hurt our feelings.

I was quite depressed at that particular time as they were asking me the reasons for their failures for I did know the reasons and I purposely didn't want to reveal any of them to my superior. I just kept quiet for the rest of the meeting until one of them looked at me and asked, "Why are you being like this?"

My answer was simple, "I'm depressed - silent helps me to think better!" Then I went out from the room.

For those who know my personality...they would know that I would defend my friends/colleagues and my students but this time around, defending them would be my biggest mistakes as I know what is going on lately. biggest concern is for my students who are going to sit for the MUET exam and PSPM exam this coming October. I don't want to put the blame on anyone but to come up with a good plan on how to help those poor students (which only I know their situations).

But still...I wonder why those people like to put the blame on others when they have already known the issues that we are dealing with right now. They have the power to change something, but they would rather say few negative things/comments - hoping the lecturers would be more motivated by that. I'M NOT MOTIVATED BY BAD COMMENTS though!


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