Monday, July 22, 2013

The Lone Ranger

Original series

Having anticipated in the movie... I felt it is necessary to watch The Lone Ranger (I am a fan of Johnny Depp). I was really excited to watch it with my husband and my three kids.

The story itself is a remake from the original one -

And basically...both movies are quite similar in term of plot and characters but of course, a change or two were made to make the new one interesting.

In my point of view... the story was quite boring because the action was towards the end - not as I expected it would be. I yawned couple of times and my husband felt sleepy watching the movie. It was until The Lone Ranger started to avenge his brother's death...the action has finally taken its place.

Although I admire Depp's works, but this one wouldn't get my attention at all because the storyline doesn't really show his talent...

Again...this is my own opinion. I'm not a hard core fan, but I've watch most of his works - since 21 Jump Street and honestly this one is not my favourite....:(

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