Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cheongdamdong Alice

This is not Alice in Wonderland but the story seemed to be focusing on 'White Rabbit' and 'Alice' or the name is Han Se Kyung. She is talented but because of her background is not like other people, her life is not going so smooth like her plan.

So, she decided to ask Seo Yoon Joo about her secret in getting into the famous world of rich people society. Seo Yoo Joo was her enemy in high school but to her amazement, Seo Yoon Joo got married to a rich man.

In order for Han Se Kyung to learn a dark secret, she has to transform herself with the help of Tommy Hong. In her pursuit of getting involved with rich men, she accidentally falls in love with Cha Seung Jo aka Jean Thierry Cha. Her life's conflict begins.....

The cast :

Moon Geun Young : Han Se Kyung / Alice

Park Shi Hoo : Cha Seung Jo / Jean Thierry Cha / White Rabbit 2

So Yi Hyun : Seo Yoon Joo

Kim Ji Suk : Tommy Hong / White Rabbit 1

Happy watching...:)

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