Saturday, February 16, 2013

Provocation : It can lead to a war...

Working with people do require patience and virtues : without them we would end up fighting like morons. But somehow I don't really like too much provocation for I know I'm working so hard to control my anger and my emotions in order not to hurt others' feelings.

Some people do like to provoke others just to satisfy their needs (I don't know what they are) and I'm pretty sure that those people don't really like to see others enjoying themselves at work. They feel like it is necessary to provoke other people (who have patience and know how to behave well) just to make sure that those people will get mad or something. And they would be glad if the provocation works - war will be created.

Some provocation can lead to a never ending war between co-workers and it will affect the performance at work. That's why I tried so hard not to let those people provoking me or to influence my judgement on something. But human will be merely human - they will not stop until you lose your temper and end up saying bad things with bad tones.

I know I am an ordinary human and I do have a lot of things to learn, but just let me be - working with passions and I like working with so many characters that revolve around me. I learn new things and see things with different perspectives. I learn from the young people and also from my seniors. I believe that we can work side by side by sharing our thoughts and views.

I don't really enjoy people provoking me. I do appreciate if they would come to me and discuss something that need to be done in the correct way rather than listening to a stupid provocation that will burn my heart up.

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