Saturday, October 20, 2012

Time is Gold

That's cliche'!

But still... some us don't really value our time. We were having a seminar (MUET: Writing) on Saturday (Oct 20,2012) and there were so many students who came late more than 15 minutes.

I was so furious for I have been waiting for the students since 7.45 AM in the morning. The seminar should be started at 8.30 AM... but due to this lack of punctuality, I was angry at them.

Being a teacher is not easy... we have to do everything to help our students to achieve the best results in MUET and also PSPM 1. We have to make sure that they receive the knowledge before sitting in the exam hall facing the questions which might not be easy for them to answer.

But still... some of the students don't feel that what we are doing for them is valuable for they tend to take things for granted.

I feel sad when I saw the latecomers came in smiling without feeling guilty for making us wait for them.

We started the seminar half an hour late... the bad news... I have to endure my anger towards my students... -SIGH-

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