Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Queen In Hyun's Man

I was so mesmerized with this story... the story line was so fascinating and interesting... the casts were brilliant and there were many funny scenes that made my heart fall in love with this drama.

The story depicts a life of a man which lives in the era of Joseon Dynasty in 1964. He had this talisman given by a slave girl in order to protect his life. He has so many enemies because he is the King's best friend. He has to endure so many unfortunate events during that era.

The talisman suddenly changes his life forever. He can travel from that era to our modern era. That is how the story begins...

For those Korean Drama fans.. you should watch this drama. I was happy with the story and how it ends.

The main four characters:

I hope you will enjoy the story like I did...:)

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