Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oh My English!

I was quite surprised when I saw a foreigner was helping out some teachers while they were having their annual sport event last Sunday.

On Friday, I saw that man waving at some parents who were waiting for their kids in the school's compound. He even waved at me while smiling brightly. 

I asked my son.. who is that man?

He simply answered : He is my English teacher. His name is Mr. William.

Now I get it... no wonder my twins enjoy watching the Oh My English! sitcom aired by Astro - they are having their own Mr. Middleton.

My twins dislike to learn English before this, they like to mock the language once they heard any English word from the TV shows. But, now, they are learning and enjoying the language even better.

I guess, a native speaker does help students to like the language better. Hmmm.... lucky them. 

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