Saturday, June 30, 2012


Saya bukan nak mengutuk... tetapi...

Tak tahu lah siapa punya kerja ni...huhuhuhu

Sabtu tanpa PLASTIK!!!!

Oleh kerana saya dan suami sangat menyokong kempen Sabtu tanpa beg plastik, kami membawa beg sendiri apabila ke pasaraya.

Hari ini, giliran sebuah pasaraya besar di Jerantut. Tak perlu lah saya meletakkan nama pasaraya tersebut...

Sewaktu membuat bayaran di kaunter:

Saya:         Tak payah beg plastik...
Cashier:     Erk...kenapa?
Saya:         Saya bawa beg sendiri...
Cashier:     (Muka kehairanan) Semua pun letak dalam beg ke?
Saya:         Ya...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time Management

I was really upset when one of my students fell asleep during my afternoon class yesterday. When she was asked... she said that she didn't have enough sleep. It turned out that she slept late at night and woke early in the morning.

I don't really understand students these days because they don't really have their own time management. Yes I know... a student's life can be a hectic one with many things to do in a day, but still, without proper time management, you might lose control of yourself.

As a student, you should know how to prioritize things and how to control your own schedule. It is all about your physical and mental state - if you lose control, you might have to face difficulties in life... and somehow, those difficulties will lead to your FAILURE!!!

So... have your own time management.. don't simply do things without planning anything. Remember... if you fail to plan your life, you are planning to fail in your own life....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kuih Mochi

 Teringin nak makan kuih tradisional Jepun ni. Biasanya dijual brand Sweetie...tapi kat Jengka tak jumpa lagi...

Nasib baik jumpa resepi dan caranya di

Jadi...hilanglah kemaruk....

Boleh letak inti macam-macam jenis...
Kacang merah paling sedap.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Junior vs Senior

Kadang-kadang rasa nak mengamuk pun ada bila ada sesetengah senior yang rasa dirinya 'BESAR' sangat apabila bercakap dengan junior yang memang sedia 'KECIK' di matanya.

Tapi... dalam organisasi, jika junior itu memegang jawatan yang lagi tinggi dari senior tu... sudah pastilah junior tu mempunyai kuasa yang lebih, kan?

Namun, dek 'EGO' dan 'GENDER' mereka, ada sesetengah senior tidak betah menerima arahan daripada ketuanya yang lagi junior daripada mereka.

Saya pun tak ingin jawatan tu... tapi dah SAYA YANG MENURUT PERINTAH ... nasib badanlah kan.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Type of students

Are you a student? What kind of student are you?

It may sound silly, but... there are many types of students around me. Being a teacher for almost ten years now, I have encountered many students with different personalities.

Teaching here in Matriculation College is not the same as teaching secondary schools. The challenge is secondary schools is too much for me to handle. That's why I tried so hard to flee from it.

Types of students that I know...(in secondary and in college)

1. Easy going
2. Like to hang out with me
3. Love to make me angry
4. Some like to make me irritated
5. Like to tease me
6. Love to make me laugh out loud
7. Love my cooking
8. Although they made me angry...they will make the same mistakes -SIGH-
9. Still remember me until now ( a bless)
10. Love me for who I am....

But still... a teacher will always love their students. No matter how irritating they can be, I still adore them...:)
Thanks for being my students wherever you are.

SMK CONVENT JALAN PEEL                            (2003 - 2005)
SMK SERENDAH                                                  (2006)
SMK SERI GARING                                              (2007 - 2011)


Beauty is a very subjective matter, but some people don't have that common sense of not commenting other people's weakest point straight to the face.

I do believe that we can give comments... but do bear in mind that our words might hurt someone's feeling although we might say "I'm only saying the truth".

That's why, Malay culture is full with courteous acts. We have to think carefully before we say something silly.

Recent case :
 I tried my best to look good for my husband and students. I started to wear make-up just because he asked me to wear it for him. Wearing nice clothes just for him makes me happy. So, there's nothing wrong of changing my old self just to make him happy.

But...there is a co-worker here who will never think twice before uttering unpleasant words.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweetheart....

June 8, 2004... my twins were born healthily although Alzam Muqri bin Mohd Hamidon had to be put under intensive care for one week before he was released to my arms.

June 8, 2012... together with his sister, Absarina Uzma, he celebrates his 8th birthday.

Their daddy decided to bake a cake... Carrot Cake with Creamy Cheese Topping...

Actually, I did modify the recipe from
because the amount of sugar used is too much for us. The same goes for the topping. Instead of making them as cupcakes, we just baked it as a whole cake.

Happy birthday darlings... may Allah bless the both of you for the rest of your life...Mummy and Daddy love you so much...


I was really happy to get the results for English Subject.

Thank you dear students... you have proven to me and yourself that you can achieve the best for this subject. No one failed for this subject for PSPM2 (2011/2012).

Thank you again for being my wonderful students....saranghae...:)

E1P1       NO.2
C1P5        NO.3  
E1P3        NO. 6
E1P4        NO.6  
C1P6        NO. 8


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Breadmaker @ pengadun roti

Baru saja membeli Breadmaker cap Tesco RM 245.00

Saja nak try resepi dari

pandangan depan

Still trying...

After receiving a phone call, my husband looked down without a smile on his face. I asked him what had happened...he just stood still - emotionless.

Later that day, I found out that his beloved mother asked him to find a decent job somewhere in KL - nearer to her. I was really devastated when I heard that particularly ridiculous thing from him. It is not me who is not trying to understand her situation, it is more about her of not letting his only son go to build a family of his own.

For the past ten years I have to endure everything... it is all about me who is not a good daughter-in-law. It has never been about her...

I have kept my mouth shut for the past ten years... I can't take it anymore. What's the point of marrying someone if that person has to live with his parents while his wife is doing everything - ALONE.

I asked him about his decision. He was torn apart - between his mom and his wife. But his decision is final... he cannot stay away from his wife and his children. He wants to have a real family who does everything together, but at the same time... I feel like a useless daughter-in-law... -SIGH-

Monday, June 4, 2012

Terima kasih....

Jumaat, 1 Jun 2012... seramai lebih kurang 21 orang bekas pelajar KMTPh datang bertandang ke rumah saya.
Sangat teruja kerana saya memang suka menerima kunjungan pelajar ke rumah...

Hidangan untuk mereka:

                  Nasi Goreng Seafood
                  Mee Hailam berkuah pedas - penuh dengan isinya...
                  Air kiwi dan sarsi...

dan yang paling istimewa...

First day...

Feeling a little bit nervous and anxious...
Waiting for my class to begin. I don't know what to expect, so just cross my finger and enter the class.

Luckily my students arrived with big smiles on their faces. The first class of the first semester begins with all the questions asked by my new students - forced by me of course.

I started to feel a little bit relieved for my new batch of students are just the same like my previous students... they are warm, happy-go-lucky and I can feel the eagerness to study just by listening to their short introduction.

I really hope that they can feel more comfortable learning English throughout these two semesters ... just like my previous students. We had great days, right? Really miss you guys... where ever you are, remember me as I remember you... -SIGH-


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