Friday, April 27, 2012


Yesterday was a sad day for me...

My students have to move on with their life after studying here for one whole year (2 semesters). The saddest moment was when they said..."Don't forget us, teacher..." "We love you, teacher..."

I couldn't help it but to cry in front of them. Sorry for being weak in front of you guys yesterday. Although it is usual for me to bid my farewell to my students, but still I can't help myself...

Goodbye dear students....May Allah bless you wherever you are.
Choose the best path in your life... don't take your life for granted.
Although you have one life, you have to make sure your life is meaningful.
Remember us here as a part of your long journey to gain success in your precious life.

Remember this... I love you guys so much....saranghae....:)

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