Friday, March 2, 2012

A note from someone...

Working hard seems a hard work for some people...including me. Life as a teacher sounds easy to certain people, but please try to walk in our shoes first before commenting our job as educators / teachers.

I hate to read many negative comments about teachers that have been voiced out by some 'educated' and 'uneducated' people who are busy running around and saying that teachers have plenty of time loafing around doing easy job in schools.

Why don't you try just for a day being a teacher at some problematic schools... or teaching primary kids on how to use public toilets...? Well, teachers have to endure small little things like that if you guys haven't noticed it yet.  Even some dedicated teachers are willing to help those busy working parents to teach those handicapped children to learn to be on their own feet so that they can live by themselves in the future.

Instead of praising those dedicated teachers, many ignorant people have said negative things about teachers..
I know that there are few 'useless' teachers out there who are busy tarnishing their own names and the schools' images, but they are only minority.

So... I really believe in teachers and educators... not because I'm one of them but with the help of my beloved teachers (from Standard 1 until University level), I have become 'someone' important to my family, society and students; and that's why I really look up to teachers and educators.

Long Live Teachers...:)
Respect and love your teacher... you will be blessed forever...

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yes u can do this


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