Saturday, February 25, 2012

Window Shopping or Shopping Spree ?

Just went back from IKEA in Damansara. Went there to survey the price of loft beds for my twins. Unexpectedly... there were so many people inside the store until we cannot walk in properly. We have to make our decisions quickly about the beds and the dining table. Poor Ardini, she was too tired and fell asleep without drinking her milk.

I just wonder... many of the customers just brought in the trolley with nothing in it. Were they just enjoying their window shopping or were they having a lot of money to do their monthly shopping spree? If they were just bringing the trolley without the intention of buying something, I think it is quite troublesome.

 This is because some of them just walked leisurely without having the courtesy to make way to needy customers - like me.

Even the cafe was too crowded for us to get through. It was really a disappointing afternoon...

At the end of the day, I was too tired to look for my beds and dining table - I need to compare the prices before buying those items but the store was toooooo crowded with people who were having their fun walking slowly and having the pleasure of looking at every item displayed in the store. Our trip to IKEA was not a successful one because we couldn't make our decisions on the specific items to be bought for our new house.



Mommy Brella said...

uh..bila time org dpt gaji, such place will be tempat yang saya akan elakkan...nak pergi time org poket kering lebih santai...boleh bayang la kepenatan akak tu...huhuhu

sophietarmizi said...

tak sangka lak jadi mcm tu...huhuhu...lps ni kena beringat la...:)


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