Thursday, January 12, 2012

To overcome EXHAUSTION...

Tired of being who you are lately? Whether you are a worker or a housewife, you might have felt so exhausted that you don't want to do anything else. You would rather sleeping in the comfy bed or even the soft cushy sofa in your living room.

As a mother of three, a lecturer and a housewife... I kind of understand this kind of feeling. Not that I forgot about those working husbands out there, but a wife's exhaustions seem to be more excessive than a husband's. So, what to do to overcome our exhaustions (either for a man or a woman)?

1.    Try to sleep early at night after finishing your chores.
       Working people need to wake up early, so, by sleeping early would prevent us from feeling tired and
        sleeping in the morning. Tiredness from lack of sleeping will somehow affect one's performance at work.
        Sleeping also will rejuvenate you body so that it can work to its optimum.

2.    Eat sensibly. Eat nutritious food. Eat a balanced meal.
       Although it sounds easy, but to choose the correct food is not really easy. Working people tend to grab
       anything that can be consumed easily and in a short period of time. We should take time to choose
       the correct balanced meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fast food is not really supposed to be in the
       list of healthy food. But, due to our hectic schedule, we don't really care what kind of food we are eating
       at that moment, as long as we will feel full after eating it. Don't skip breakfast, lunch or dinner; it might 
       affect your healthy diet.

3.   Exercise.
      Walking, climbing the stairs, strolling in the park, light jogging and other light exercises can help us to
      ease your exhaustion. It might sound hard for working people, but once we try it, we might get benefits
      from it.

4.  Play / spend quality time with children or pets.
     Some researches that have done showed that if we take time to play with our children or even pets, we
     will somehow ease our stress and exhaustion. It doesn't require us to sit with them all the time, but if we
     care about them, we should at least spend some time to be with them. Believe me, the children are the gifts
     from God - appreciate and love the gifts and you will receive their unconditional love till the end.

5.  Treasure your life.
     You are important! Keep that in mind. Take a good care of yourself and the loved ones too. Believe in
     yourself no matter what people are saying about you. Once you love yourself, there's no way you can
     neglect your own live. You have to live your life to the fullest to obtain your goal of your life. Life is
     precious for you and your loved ones.

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