Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life is a battle...

If you look at my blog... you would realize that I'm using the simplest version of template. Thanks to my youngest brother, I managed to learn a bit more about blogging. But, actually this template is representing my feelings and mood right now.

Facing many difficulties made me realized that I cannot do much to run away from those ignorant people or to hate them for hating me... so, I have made few conclusions and share them with you.

For readers who are facing the difficulties in your life, you might as well try some of my resolutions in overcoming the challenges in your life.

1.   Cry for only one night:
      You might cry alone or accompanied by someone you love the most. This sounds childish, but crying
      does help to ease your unspeakable pain inside. Then... move on with your life without turning back.

2.  Write a note to yourself:
     With motivational words, phrases or sentences. Read them aloud for you to put back your feet on the
     ground. Let those envious people know that you are a worthy person compared to them.

3.  Reward yourself:
     Indulge in something that you like the most. I like Chocolate and Ice-cream... I like having them whenever
     I feel stressful of my life and work. You might even go to shopping complex just to window shopping. It's
     not like you will spend all of your money at once. If necessary, buy one or two new clothes that will boost
     up your self-esteem.

4.  Have a stroll in the park:
    Flowers and greenery scenes will somehow affect your sad feelings. Colourful flowers will cheer you up,
    while green trees will provide more oxygen to your brain. As we know that breathing deeply will help us to
    relax and to calm ourselves after having such a hectic lifestyle.

5.  Life is a battle: be strong, be patient, be bold to face the battle.
     There's one thing left to do instead of running away from the source of the problem; we have to face the
     problem either created by us or other people. But, the bottom line is, try to face the difficulties or the
     problems whether we like it or not. We are not coward as they think we should be. Be bold enough to
     face them, we will this cruel battle.

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