Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just a point to view...

Living alone in a so called 'rural' place is not really in my list...but to endure life without a husband make me stronger every second I breathe. Although I have three precious children to challenge all the obstacles, I have to tell myself over and over again that I can do this. I can live stronger than anyone else.

Cross my fingers... but I do hope the best will somehow happen to my life. But, how I am going to face the challenge of jealousy of certain people who don't really can get along with my lifestyle?

I love to have a close relationship with my students. Talking to them... sharing some true interesting stories with them... and sometimes I like cooking for them. But somehow, my unique hobbies seem to have been misunderstood by certain people. Why is that happening?

I don't know how to make this simple... but I know that there's nothing wrong to share my experience with my students. My intention is simply pure and simple... not to let them make the same mistakes like I did in the past. Not to say that they are not allowed to make mistakes, but I'm helping them to choose a better path of their life.

Don't get me wrong... I don't give them the choices, but they come to me with their own choices. They even asked for my opinion and because of the sense of responsibilities towards my precious students, it feels like it is a part of my obligations to help them in helping them to understand the pros and cons.

It's quite hard for me to endure that negative thoughts of certain jealousy people, but I have to at least smile and laugh out loud to those people so that they will feel JEALOUS a bit MORE towards me and my students.....serve them right!!!

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