Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simply ordinary....

It was a quite hectic week...but still, I have to keep track with this week's lesson plan. After having a long tiring meeting last Tuesday, one of my colleagues suddenly said something to me. I was so angry at that moment. It seemed that some of my students complaint about me nagging in the class. I don't really know what kind of nagging it would be, but the way I heard it, I cannot accept that kind of statement.

I'm pretty sure that I have done my 'research' before teaching them, because before starting to teach any group of students, most teachers would do some kind of 'test' to know the students' background knowledge. The same goes to me. It is the same process every single year. This is to help me to provide activities, exercises and tests according to their level of proficiency.

But when I heard that kind of statement, I could not accept the 'nag' word. It is not because it is a big deal or what, but the fact those students complaint to other students (which happens to be in my colleague's class) kills me silently. In English Department, we are just like family - we know everything that happens around us. It hurts me to hear such comments for I have mentioned earlier that they can ask me to teach them in a way that they will feel comfortable in learning English Language.

Human being is just like that, full with emotions and moods. I don't really blame them, but instead of telling the whole world that I'm not good at teaching 'you', why don't you go and find someone else to learn the language. It is not really hard for me to be a mean lecturer here. I just can switch myself to a very intolerant lecturer - then you will suffer the worst. Me, on the other hand would receive my salary just like anyone else in this field without having the guilt of doing so...

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