Saturday, December 24, 2011

My heartache...does hurt...

Listening to every word uttered by her make me realized that there is a person who doesn't have any feelings towards other people's misfortune. Without waiting any longer, I poured my feelings out towards her - no more asking permission to speak or to judge.

My heart feels like it was being pulled hard enough from its place. It's going to be torn apart - will somehow lose the grip. It was hard for me to endure the pain caused by that person all this while, but she doesn't seem to notice that in the first place.

It is not how you learn something, but how you live your life according to what you have learned. This is  an important element in life for you are not living alone - you are living in a society; a big one. If you are going to act like you know nothing, simply relying on others' hard work on something, you will be considered as a loser. Although you are from a higher educational level than me, your acts are just like small children to me.

My heart does ache sometimes. It hurts a lot. The pain is sharper than you thought it would be. You wouldn't even try to notice it for you are ignorant for that kind of thing. It is not important to you as you are the center of everything in your life. Me, on the other hand, trying hard to smile innocently without having the courage to say that "You are not really good as you think you are!!!"

Believe me, I'm not weak, but I'm afraid if I said something bad, your heart cannot accept the pain I'll cause later. I'm just being a good person here for I know what goes around comes around...


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