Friday, December 30, 2011

Leaving them behind...

Bye 2011...Welcome 2012...

What have you been doing through this whole year? You might have a happy ending or maybe a sad ending before you start your whole new year. Believe it or not... you are actually leaving them behind. Although you have encountered so many incidents in your life, leaving them behind is quite a wonderful thing to do.

Why do I say so? Well... some of us might have a terrific year and some of us might have tasted the pain in their life, but overall, life is unexpected. What do you expect it to be? It is unpredictable; for life itself is a journey without knowing which path or route to take in order to survive.

For single people out there... don't stop hoping for the special someone in your life.
For married couples out there... don't stop struggling for your happiness in your marriage life.
For divorced people out there... don't be sad, you have to fight for your happiness too.
For students who excelled... don't forget to strive more for the best.
For students who failed... it is not the end of the world, try harder next time.
For egoistic people... stop being such a fool, your ego is useless. Try to be humble next time.
For leaders... don't simply use your post just to show off. Good bosses are hard to find.
For workers out there... work hard, don't suck up to your boss - it's useless!

For happy memories... please stay in our mind. Your existence is helping us to cope with our difficulties in life.
For sad memories... please leave us quietly. You are not really allowed to mess up with our happiness.
For the are needed though - for any circumstances in life, either being happy or sad.

For my beloved friends and family... I am who I am because I have so many beloved people in my life. I love you so much for sometimes I do look up to you.

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