Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ignorance is not really a bliss...

Sometimes being ignorant won't help you in your life. Although "ignorance is a bliss", it is not necessarily for you to be ignorant all the time. There are situations which require you to pay attention and take action after that. If you are being ignorant all the time, you can be an outcast in the society even in your own family.

Examples for you not to be an ignorant person:

1.  During a meeting with your boss and co-workers.

2.  During a conversation among friends - even though you are not really
    comfortable to be a part of the conversation.

3.  When people smile at you whether you know them or not, smile back at
      them. It costs you nothing!

4.  When people say 'Hi' to you, reply it with a good manner although your
      mood at that time is not really good.

5.  When people ask you questions (related to you or not), please answer the questions politely. Don't
      simply walk away from them.

6.  When your partner / spouse / children need something from you (but you are too tired to give any 
      feedback or do anything), why don't you say something that can make them understand that you are not
     available at that moment. Don't simply throw a tantrum; act like a good adult.

7.  Even if you hate the person who is asking you a question, you have to answer it. Show to that person that
     you are not really that shallow minded kind of person.

8.  Know everything that happens around you, your colleagues, and your family - in the office, at home, at
     school and so on (gossip is not really included).

At least, show to the people around you that you are being a part of the society - whether at home or at work. I know that sometimes we need our own space, but still, there so many ways to do in order not to harm other people's feeling.


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