Monday, December 5, 2011

Awkwardness is not helping...

Have you ever been into an awkward situation before? I'm pretty sure that most of us have been in so many awkward situations in our life. What kind of situation it could be? Well, it depends on you actually; whether you are the one who make things awkward to yourself or rather someone else is doing that to you. 

Being awkward is not really helping me in my life. There are times which I have to pretend that I'm not feeling awkward at all although my heart keeps telling me to at least say it out loud. I'm so afraid to be outspoken - afraid of hurting other people's feeling!

So...these are few methods I've been teaching myself in order to at least run away from any kind of awkward situations faced in my daily life. Hope they can save you too...:

1.    Smile to the person involved...don't say anything. Then just walk away from that person.

2.    If you need to talk to that person, talk lightly - make a quick conversation before leaving that person.

3.    Pretend that you are doing something with your phone - SMS, or make a short call; tell the person that
       you are making an important call.

4.    If you are living in the same house, it would help you if you just stay in your own room...doing something
       that can help to ease your feeling a bit.

5.   If you are in love with that person, it might help the both of you if you don't talk about that awkward
      situation; it will lead to a quarrel later. Just let it be...

6.    Move away from that person - if that person is giving you a headache!

Well, sometimes life is not easy for us...there are so many selfish people that can make our life miserable. Being an educated person taught me how to control my temper, although it is really hard. I know somehow we cannot simply control our emotion or action when facing any awkward moments especially when other people are messing up with our life!!!

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