Saturday, November 5, 2011

When the other half is not well...

I just returned home from Pahang yesterday. I was sad to watch my son's face for he was not feeling well since Thursday. I bought him some traditional 'kuih' or sweet treat and he just gave me a weak smile. His forehead was still warm and I couldn't help myself to feel sad for I was not there to hug him through his sleepless night.

After fetching my daughter from school, the four of us (me, my twins and my 4-month-old daughter) went home. We waited for my husband to have a dinner with him. My twins were delighted when their father took us out for a dinner. My son seemed quite well last night.

But daughter started to cough and she seemed to have a cold. We went back after buying few things at the store. The night seemed to be a long night for daughter started to have a fever too - after my son recovered from his.

This husband suddenly told me that he has to see his doctor - he is not feeling well too. Oh three beloved people are not feeling well. My youngest daughter has only a slight cold. Me? I'm started to have one...but I have to force myself to get better. I have to nurse my family. If I'm not well...who is going to feed them? Who is going to nurse them to be healthy again?

My husband doesn't have to go to work today...but seeing him lying helpless in the bed makes me sad. He is always there to help me. He is not the kind of person who gets sick easily. Still...a human is a human...being sick is just a part of our nature.

Now...they are still lying in the bed. I'm taking a short break before making some porridge for tea-time later. They have to be strong again....

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