Friday, November 11, 2011

When the 'maid' is not well

It is okay with me when other members of the family are not well for I will always be there to nurse them. But when I'm the one who suffers from a bad cold, I felt useless.

Now, I'm feeling quite better after five days staying in the bed with my little one. She is not well too. Last Sunday, after celebrating Aidil Adha, my head was suddenly spinning and I can see things double. My forehead started to feel warm and my mouth felt dry.

I slept through the afternoon with my three kids and my brother had the same symptoms like I did. He also suffered from a bad cold too. After taking medication, my fever didn't seem to be better. I couldn't eat much for all the food eaten were tasteless. I guess, I'm the last person to be affected after all my family members have been affected with this fever earlier than me.

Lucky husband was on leave last Monday. He was the one who helped me out to do some house chores.  I couldn't even stand he has done all the cooking and cleaning. Thanks to him, this house 'maid' can rest for a while.

Being in bed for five days was not so amusing. I don't like to feel useless and helpless for I know I can take care of everything. But still, I know that getting sick is normal for human being. How we encounter it might be different from each other, but I know that we have to get well for us to be stronger again - to face our own battle in life. Like my friend used to say ... Life is a battle; be strong, be tough to face the battle.

And now...I'm happy to be healthy again....

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