Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saving Natural Resources

While babysitting my 4-month-old daughter, I couldn't stop thinking about my 'Baju Kurung' which is my formal attire to work - three pairs left in the closet. I have to start ironing at least ten pairs for the next two weeks; not to mention ten different 'tudung' or scarves that have to be matched with my baju kurung.

But today, I'm not going to share about my baju kurung...I just want to share some tips in saving natural resources : electricity, gas, water and others.

1. Iron your clothes in bulk.
    - Especially if you have formal attire to office that needs ironing. It helps a lot to save your money and
       electricity too.

2. Use semi automatic washing machine.
    - You can control the level of water and save energy too.

3. Use shower while bathing.
    - Saving a lot of water and it is kind of relaxing too...

4. Carpool 
    - Help in reducing air pollution and save your money too...

5. Use watering can / watering pot
    - To water your plants. It helps you to control the amount of water used for different types of plants.

6. Walk to the nearest place
    - If the shop / office / school or any places that you have to go is closer to your house, just have a short
       walk. It helps you to exercise too...

7. Use text messages / e-mail / yahoo messenger
    - Or any methods that suit you to convey a message. It will save more money and energy too...

8. Bring your own shopping bag
   - No more PLASTIC BAGS!!!!

9. Recycle...
    - Either sell those recyclable items (to get extra cash) or reuse them to save our planet.

10. Green office
     - Using e-mail : meetings, announcements, letters and so on

11. Bring your own food container
      - Ask the food seller to put the food in the food container...more hygienic

There are so many ways to help us to save our beloved mother earth. Start doing you part before it's too late. I know I have done mine....So, when will you start yours?


nora rashid said...

tu la kan...byk benda yang boleh recycle...baju kurung mmg aku gosok utk 1 minggu..hehe

sophietarmizi said...

yup...betul tu...memang la malas nak gosok kalau sepasang sehari, tinggi gak bil elektrik...kalau kat ofis, dh jadi habit simpan kertas a4 yg terpakai...kerat2 n buat note pad...hehehe...jimat beb...tak yah beli yg fancy...


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