Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And the differences are...

Being a lecturer here Kolej Matrikulasi is quite different from being a teacher in school. Although my salary is still the same like when I was in school, but I like teaching here...There are advantages and disadvantages for being a lecturer or a teacher, but still, I love teaching so much.

Some of my friends asked me... How do you feel to teach pre-university level students? How do you feel to be away from your family? Will you bring your children along? And the best question was...What is your qualification to be a lecturer? 

To be honest, I cried every single day in the first month working here - being separated from my children make me sad. But...time heals everything. I just can't wait for January to start. They are going to stay with me soon!!!

Back to my topic - The differences are:

1.   Each tutorial is for one hour. I have 15 hours per week; 5 classes to teach.

2.   LCD projector is provided in each room - really convenient.

3.   More time to prepare for lessons beforehand - few gaps between classes.

4.   Maximum number of students : 21 - 22

5.   I have my own place for tutorial (a class)...I just have to wait for my students to arrive...:)

6.   When teaching an 18-year-old student, I just have to know how to communicate well with them. (If they 
      did everything as they're told, good grades for them... but if not, they know what's going to happen 
      to their grades later)

7.   The best part...I have the chances to apply my knowledge that I have learned in university -
      communication, listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.

8.   Here...I have my own cubicle...just nice for working with privacy.

9.   Last but not least...the environment is soooo good here. No more traffic jams, no hustle and bustle every
      morning, no more rushing for my Zuhur and Asar prayer, and my class is only near to the administration
      building. Walking to the class is not tiring anymore.

Despite my working hour is from 8 am to 4.15 pm and other difficulties (should not be mentioned here)...I love my job so much!!!!


Syima's CNC said...

Good for you, Phie! K Syima pun loves my new job- being a housewife! Hehehe......

sophietarmizi said...

hahaha....actually that one is my upcoming job...if my hubby is richer enough to give monthly salary...hahah...envy you la kak....:)


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