Thursday, October 6, 2011

'Walking' for a good heart

Tired of your hectic life in the office? Try having a short walk in the evening... it might help you to ease your stress a little bit. But...try to walk in a slow pace. Breathe in and out slowly while walking. This can help the oxygen to go directly to your heart and then to your brain.

Some people like to use the elevator although they are going to the first floor...why not climbing the stairs for a change? It helps to burn out your calories - especially after having lunch. Try to climb the stairs slowly and breathe in and out slowly. It is actually helping you out in many ways to be a healthier person.

I like to have a short walking too. Being a teacher, I have to walk to each class every day. Sometimes walking can be so tiring, but I just consider it as an exercise because I don't really have time to exercise at home. So, if I have walked to classes every single day, I hope that my heart is getting stronger day by day.

If you don't really have time to exercise, why don't you try walking in the evening? You could walk to the nearest shop instead of riding your bike. Sending your kids to the school can be an exercise if you are walking with them (only if the school is near to your house). There are many ways to promote walking habit in your daily life. This doesn't require you to spend money to buy expensive machine to help you to work out. Walking is actually a great way to release your stress, especially if you are walking in a green area - it will provide plenty of oxygen for your lungs.

So, why don't you try walking for a change? It might help you to live longer....


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