Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Practice makes prefect...

When my students asked my permission to practice for their Speaking Test this week, I felt overjoyed. Their enthusiasms make me jumping to the air - this is what I have been waiting for since day one of becoming a teacher.

They know that they are having troubles with speaking, so by asking my help, I felt that they really look up to me as a teacher. Although I didn't feel good last night (for having a mild cold), I tried to entertain and help those students.

Many students out there are having difficulties in Speaking Test for MUET but most of them are not asking any helps from their teachers. I do believe that only by practicing, they can succeed the test especially if they don't use the language in their daily life.

I have the same problems way before I succeeded as an English teacher. Thanks to all my English teachers since primary school up until my English lecturers in Universiti Putra Malaysia, I have been quite good with the language itself.

So, I will try my best to help my students this week in practicing their MUET Speaking Test. I hope they can converse comfortably without having any nervousness while speaking in front of their friends and not to forget the Examiners...

All the best....!!!!

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