Thursday, October 20, 2011

Planning for a short break...

Thinking of living far away from twins makes me a bit frustrated. I can't entertain them as a mother should do. So, by having few days off from my work, I'm planning to have a short break with them - no more work and no more thinking about continuing my unfinished work.

So...where should you go for a short break? Even for only a day or maybe only for few precious hours with your precious children? Working mothers would like to have a rest on weekends just to relax themselves although during that two-day-off they still have to do their usual chores.

Here are some activities that you can do to entertain your children:

1. Go for a picnic - seaside, river side, or near to a waterfall. Don't forget to bring their favourite food

2. Do a window-shopping activity - it would be fun because you need to relax your mind and your brain.
    Don't concentrate on buying things because it is for you to walk slowly especially if you are in expensive
   clothing department - just enjoy the scenery of expensive clothes that you could not afford to buy...:)

3. Have fun at a theme park - children would love it so can just watch them playing happily or
    you can join them too. Being a kid is a bless....

4. Have lunch / dinner outside - select a good restaurant. It is good for family gathering because the
    atmosphere is so relaxing. Eating with family is one of the easiest ways to be connected to each other.

5. Watch some movies - at home or in cinema...let them chose the movie that they want to watch. Buy them a
     big size popcorn and the favourite drinks...they will enjoy sitting there with you.

6. Go shopping for groceries - kids love doing this. Let them push the trolley be a grown up for a while. Ask
    them what to least what they like for dinner. It shows that they have the responsibility as a family
    member. It's quite different from window-shopping. Just make sure you follow your budget for that month.

7. Bake a cake / make some cookies - they would enjoy it very much. Let them be the chef for a while. You
    are there just as a helper for them. They would brag themselves for days if their cakes / cookies turn out to
    be delicious.
8. Ask them...Where do you want to go? What do you like to do?...without hesitating, they would love to
    answer your questions quickly.

Hope you would enjoy your day with your beloved ones - I know I will!!!!


nora rashid said...

aku plan nk blik kg...kite kn kt pahang...cuti lama..haha

sophietarmizi said...

oooo.....aku pun balik cuti sampai rabu je....huhuhu


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