Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mentally and Physically PREPARED

The thought of living together in Jengka made me happy, but something good has happened to my husband and he asked my permission to stay working in Kuala Lumpur. I was quite sad at first...

Later, we have discussed really thoroughly about our family matters. So, we have come to our final decision - we are going to live 'separately'. Not in a bad way, but for the time being I will live with my three children while he is working in Kuala Lumpur. Every weekend we will see each other either in Kuala Lumpur or Jengka.

I have never been apart from my family before, but now I have to be mentally and physically prepared. I guess some people out there have the same problem like mine, so I would to share some tips that help me out in case I miss him so much....or if you miss your loved ones too.

1. Give them a call - every day and every night.
    Just to hear their voice will make you happy. Ask anything although they are simple questions. 

2. Say that you love them so much.
    It is to show how much you love them and there'll be no regret later if something bad happens to either of 
    you - not that we ask for anything bad to happen...but still, showing your love means a lot to your loved 

3. Send love messages every day.
    Just like people who are in love, it is not wrong for married couples or even parents to send love messages 
    to their loved ones. Just to show their love to each other.

4. Set time to spend some quality time between you / with your children.
    Have dinner together, go shopping, or even bring your children to the park. They miss you a lot and taking 
    them to a park or any places shows that you concern about them.

5. Remember special dates.
    Birthdays, anniversaries, or any other important dates in your family should be remembered although you 
    cannot be together with them to celebrate it. You might celebrate it later, but still, call them during that 
    particular celebration.

6. Buy something when you are visiting them.
    It is not necessary to buy expensive things - just some chocolate bars would make them jumping to the sky. 
   The important thing is for you to arrive safely, but stll...children love something to eat or to play with. Not to 
   mention your spouse....

There are many ways to prepare your mental and physical to make you strong enough to face the days without your spouse or your family. I try so hard to be a strong wife and mother - for I know that sooner or later, I would be living alone too...waiting for my judgment day to arrive. So, I better prepare myself mentally and physically to become a better person.


FareedaFirdura said... strong k..anytime give me a call..

sophietarmizi said...

syura: thnx...really appreciate....huhuhu....


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