Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baby-faced Beauty

I have finished watching Baby-faced Beauty - a Korean drama which has 20 episodes. The story is quite relaxing for me to watch. It has all elements - comedy, drama, and some slight intense moments in it.

The story revolves around four characters - Lee So Young (Jang Na Ra), Choi Jin Wook (Choi Daniel), Ji Seung Il (Ryu Jin) and Kang Yoon Seo (Kim Min Seo) and there are also few strong characters in this drama.

The story is about Lee So Young who is 34 years old but accidentally has to lie about her age in order to get a job as a designer at a very established clothes designing company - The Style owned by Ji Seung Il. Many interesting incidents happened to her and Choi Jin Wook from the beginning of the story to the end of it.

For those Korean drama fans...this light drama should be watched because it is quite interesting to watch and I like this drama for it is not so heavy for me. You should try to watch this drama to ease your tension at work or for a fan like me...I'm just addicted to Korean Dramas....I have to feed my addiction for my own sake....:)

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