Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Taking credits on other people's work....

Today’s topic is quite interesting because it happens all the time to some people out there. It is not because they are weak, but because there are some people who have thought that they can simply bully others in pursuing their goals...without knowing that whatever they did along the way might have hurt other people’s feeling.

I’m talking about taking credits on someone else’s putting your name on it. It happens a lot these days either you are working or studying. It could happen to those who are working hard night and day to finish off the important proposal and at the end of the day, the boss will take the credit of the brilliant work.
Does this sound familiar to you? Well...if you are working in group, it is not wrong to take the credit for what you have done...but if the work is done by other person and you are the boss / manager (or any other name for your post) who is presenting the work and somehow put your name on it; it shows that you are actually having the pleasure of taking credits of other people’s work.

If somehow the work is being will automatically put the blame on that poor person. That is why this kind of thing is not really acceptable in our modern world. If you have the guilty of what you have done earlier, you should not be ashamed to take the blame after taking other person’s work.
We are working as a team...or you are a person who likes to be an outcast and works alone in your isolated world? It is your own choice...but for sure, taking credit on someone else’s work is not tolerable at all!!!

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