Sunday, September 25, 2011

Packing your things....

Packing clothes and other important items can be hectic sometimes. So do I. So here some tips from my experience on how to pack your things accordingly (especially on those who can't decide what to bring to any occasion).

1. Don't pack your things overnight. You might miss out some important items.

2. Focus on the occasion - a short course, seminar, field job,  and so on. You might need a pair of formal attire each day. So fill in the bag with enough attire - a pair for each day. Don't forget to bring one or two extra formal don't know what might happen in the future. If you are going for a trip, you need to fill in your bag with leisure attire.

3. Sort out your items - toiletries, undergarments, trousers, t-shirts, shirts or dresses, and night garments. You may distribute them into smaller groups according to how many days you are going to stay later on. You might find it handy because it helps you to organize and not to over bring your items.

4. You may need to bring one or two extra undergarments, t-shirt and might be necessary if something unwanted happens during your trip or other occasion you're attending.

5. Put your toiletries in one small bag and another small bag or case for makeup items. It is much easier for most men out there...they don't have to bring so many things. Don't forget your medicine if you are on it and make sure you put the medicine closer to you.

6. Check your cash money, don't show up your cash...hide it somewhere safe. Nowadays, credit card is essential when you are travelling far away from your country or even in your own country. It is much safer than bringing your money bag.

7. If you are bringing your is the same, but they need more clothes than you do. You might need more bags to fill in their items.

Enjoy packing? Don't do a last-minute-job. You have to pack your things carefully so that you don't have to turn back just to get the things that you left at home.

Me? I'm going off to Jengka today with my three-month-old baby. I have to go to work far away from my husband and my twins for the next two months before they join me in December. Can't wait for us to be reunited again as a family.....

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