Friday, September 16, 2011

A mother's heart....

I'm a little worried of my newborn baby... she has the tendency to choke up during breastfeeding or drinking the milk from a bottle. My twins didn't have the same problem and they were taken care by my own mother since they were two months old. 

And now, thinking of sending her to the day-care center makes me more worried than before. I try so hard not to think negatively about those centers... but reading some terrified news on the papers makes me nervous of letting outsiders to take care of her. She is just a small baby with no bad attitude (compared to the twins when they were on her age). She likes to smile and she only cries if she's hungry or needs her diaper to be changed. And sometimes she will sleep for a long hour without drinking any milk. So, I'm worried if she'll be neglected by the person in-charge of her at the center. 

But, being a working mom is not easy. I'm pretty sure that most working mothers out there would have the same worries like me. I don't have any choice but to leave everything in God's hand. InsyaAllah, Allah will take care everything for I'm working hard to build up a strong foundation for my three kids.

For mothers out there... we need to pray hard for our children's safety when we are working hard outside and they are under someone else's hand. 

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