Monday, August 22, 2011

A Married Man vs A Married Woman

There are too many differences between a married man and a married woman. Talking from my experience and also some that I learn from my friends and family... being a married person can be challenging too from time to time.

A married man (some of those men who are not appreciating their wives)

1. Tend to take things for granted especially if the wife is so nice and soft spoken.

2. Don't like his wife to nag but he always does things that for sure his wife would be nagging all day.

3. Don't like to listen attentively to his wife but really wants his wife to listen to his instructions.

4. Like  hanging out with friends (sometimes late at night) but he doesn't allow his wife to go out with her friends even in broad daylight.

5. Like to use his fists instead of talking nicely.

6. Temptation cannot be avoided (some of them...)

A married woman (most of them are the victims in their marriage)

1. Just need a shoulder to cry on when trouble comes into her life.

2. Just need to pour out her feelings after working hard all day long.

3. Just need a 'friend' to talk to at night...just simply talking.

4. Will do her best in doing everything to make sure her family is happy.

5. Will always love her husband no matter what happens in the future.

6. Jealousy is her 'friend' but she seems to can control it well.

There are no perfect couples in this world. We have to give and take...don't be a one-man-show. Home can be the warmest place on earth if you know how to create a warm and tender feelings for your own family. Whether you are a wife or a husband... be good to your partner. Trust is the basic thing in a marriage life. Without it, your marriage won't last longer.....


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