Saturday, July 9, 2011

City Hunter

I took my chances in these three months to watch as many Korean Movies and Dramas as I can. So, my first choice is City Hunter. Actor Lee Min Ho has always been a typical Korean baby face... but in this drama, he has another side of him.

Watching him in this drama - fighting and doing some stunts make me excited for I thought he can't never do that in any dramas. In this drama, he has two sides of him - a really innocent guy with a handsome face and another one is a heartless killer machine who can slaughter anyone easily. He's going to avenge his father's death with his own way although his foster dad has ordered him to kill all five people who have brutally murdered 20 soldiers including his own father.

So... if you are a hardcore fan...this drama might be a suitable one because Lee Min Ho is in it!


nurHeart said...

saya tgk 49 Days, setiap episod nangis aje hehee.. dh tu x tgk mana2 korean drama dh :)

sophietarmizi said...

la....tengok la cite yg happy2...action komedi...genre dia byk gak....:) saya pun x suke yg nangis2....sedey....:(


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