Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reading....not a burden!

Some students do ask me...why is it so important for them to read books? They have so many things to do in a day...reading would be the last thing they would do in their whole day.
This week I’m doing Pre-Speaking Test for my classes just to help them preparing for MUET Test next October. To my astonishment...many of my students have problems in finding the elaboration for each point. Although the question given is not so hard, but they couldn’t find the connection from point one to point four. It is so frustrated...

But... I took it in a positive way. They are my beloved students – it is my duty to help them along the way. So, I helped them in understanding the requirements and hopefully they will learn this time.

Getting Band 4, 5, or even 6 is not impossible if they have read books on general knowledge or even magazines and newspapers. But they keep saying that reading will take most of their time. Actually, reading does help them in improving their knowledge and their English...but they are too busy with other things.

It is not easy to create reading habit – it has to be nurtured every single day. Even I like to read before going to sleep or while eating at the cafe. As long as I have a reading material in front of me, I would be sitting there by myself reading and absorbing the information that might seem not important but the pleasure of reading just satisfies my hunger for knowledge.

Either you are a student or a good worker, it doesn’t hurt your pride to be sitting down and read a page or two of any reading materials. All the information will be stored somewhere in your brain and it will be used later on in your life – believe me, it happens all the time.

The bottom line is reading helps to ease your stress while giving you interesting knowledge that you might don’t know before...

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