Monday, June 13, 2011


This is the first time I'm teaching for MUET test. At first, I have no idea on how to teach my students, but after asking around...I have finally understood on the method used to teach MUET.

It has four items to be covered - Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The students have to sit for the examination to get at least Band 3. But if the student wants to excel, he / she should get at lest Band 4 / 5.

Most students have problems in term of Speaking and Listening tests. As a teacher, I do feel the anxiety that they are having in their chests. Speaking is something that you need to do everyday just to be fluent with it. For Listening test, they have to listen very carefully because some students have problems in understanding others.

I have read few samples of questions for previous years. Some are easy and some are hard, but the bottom line is that the students have to force themselves to learn the language with their friends and teachers. Don't be shy to use the language among your friends. Don't laugh at each other although the sound of the words pronounced might seem funny.

For Reading and Writing tests, I do have some uncertain feelings after reading my students' essays. Grammatical errors are everywhere. I felt unease after checking my five classes' essays. They have to do more with their writing tasks. They have to learn writing simple sentences or maybe compound sentences to avoid making silly mistakes. Reading test might be easy because they have multiple choices provided for them. But for Writing test... I hope my students can read the questions carefully and give the best answer that they can give - for some students can be deceived by the question itself.

After all... I'm only a teacher who can provide them with the knowledge that I have all these years. They are the ones who have to struggle hard to achieve whatever they hope for........

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