Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Leaving all the memories behind...

On the last day at my previous school, some students were so sad that I have to leave them earlier than they thought. I was so sad that day and I cried while saying goodbye to my friends and my students. Some seniors which I have considered as my sisters said goodbye to me in tears.

Leaving them behind is the hardest thing because I've spent these 5 years learning from them. I learn to be a tough person for my job is not as easy as some people might say. Teaching is okay, but handling those teenagers can be tough sometimes.

Memories cannot be bought. Yup... we all have our memories. Some are good and some should be gone forever. My memories there are with me forever, but I tend not to remember the bad ones for I'm the one who can control my feelings and thoughts. Some students do ask me how did I do that. I just said that everyone has the ability to choose to remember it or not. It is just a matter of feelings. Memories can be erased easily if we choose to erase them. Don't linger to the past. It will hurt you deeply.

Committing suicide or carving your hand with a sharp knife won't help you in erasing those bad memories. You have to talk to someone closer than you. Choose a close person who can keep your secret instead of telling everybody about your secret.

Actually, you are the strongest person to handle yourself. If you need help, just reach for someone and seek for help. Don't wait for nothing. But, you must find someone that you can trust. don't simply tell everyone without knowing that person. Sometimes, even your friends can stab you from behind.

I have good memories while teaching in my previous school which I will remember forever. As for the bad ones... they will not last longer in my mind. It is easy for, why don't you give a shot? Just let the bad ones slide away from your mind and you'll be more happier than ever.

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