Monday, May 23, 2011

Living in a whole new ‘life’…

My life has changed within a week after receiving a promotion level – I’m going to Pahang to be a lecturer! I’ve been teaching in school for almost nine years. It is quite a shocking news to go there to teach another level of students.  Just given a week, I have to prepare my things to go there to attend a short course for lecturers.

                Stepping into a new dimension seems like a new experience to me. Lucky me, this new place welcomes me as its newest member. I met fascinating new friends and staffs.  I have my own place – FINALLY… without having to share it with other people in a crowded little staffroom back in my school.

                Although it might be an interesting journey ahead, I have to leave my husband and my twins in Kuala Lumpur – until the end of this year. Let my twins finish up their first year of school before transferring here. The same goes with my husband – hopefully he can transfer to Kuantan. One thing for sure… I’m missing them like crazy every single day – waiting for Friday to arrive to go back to Kuala Lumpur.  And not to forget… I’m in my final month of pregnancy. The thought of delivering the newborn without the presence of my husband makes me nervous.

                But still… it has never occurred in my mind to get this opportunity to be in this ‘new family’… the next level in our education system.  I’m going to miss my old friends and my students… I really hope tha whoever takes my place would help me to finish my job teaching them and preparing them for their PMR. Best of luck dearest students…

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