Monday, May 23, 2011

Living in a whole new ‘life’…

My life has changed within a week after receiving a promotion level – I’m going to Pahang to be a lecturer! I’ve been teaching in school for almost nine years. It is quite a shocking news to go there to teach another level of students.  Just given a week, I have to prepare my things to go there to attend a short course for lecturers.

Life is unexpectedly beautiful…

Dreaming of having your dream house is quite fun. But when there are too many obsctacles standing in your way, it could make your life miserable. It happened to me recently… during the whole process of buying a new house for my parents (with lack of knowledge along the way) I have lost quite amount of money and I have to stop dreaming about the new house.

                I cried for only one day. The next day… I woke up with a new thought in my mind – everything that has happened to me has been planned by Allah and only Allah knows what’s best for me and my family. I’m not really sad about losing the money, but the sorrow is killing me softly because I couldn’t provide a nice house for my parents since I feel obliged to provide them a house. I like living with my parents and the thoughts of taking care of them until they ‘leave’ me someday makes me wanting so badly to buy them a house. Lucky me… my husband supports my decision and he agrees to find another house for us.

                But… maybe it is not my time yet to live with them. A month after I’ve settled with the bad news, a really great news knocked on my door. I’ve been offered to be a lecturer in Kolej Matrikulasi Teknikal Pahang in Jengka, Pahang – a job which has never been in my dream before. Along with that, I’ll be promoted to the next level which I can only receive after two more years of service in my school. Thank you Allah… my life is unexpectedly beautiful!.


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