Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life as a teacher.

It has been a while since the last time I wrote in my blog. I have been busy with my own life and not to forget that I have to mark English paper for my 3 classes. The thing is… my students don’t like to read. And their essays turn out to be an ‘empty’ one. I can give marks, but I don’t have the feelings to enjoy their writing.

Writing can be fun if we have some knowledge on what we are going to write. It is not a matter of writing only; it is about conveying information to the readers. We should be reading a lot before we can write a good piece of writing material.

Some students do think that they are good in using the language, but throughout their writings, I can see that they lack of outside knowledge that they are supposed to have. Some of my students have the idea but do not know how to elaborate on each idea that they have. Tendency in making mistakes is lower if they have done a pre-writing first instead of writing it directly on a piece of paper. That’s why they tend to make silly mistakes from time to time.

I have three different classes this year – advance, intermediate and low in level of proficiency. Teaching English is fun when my students get the idea of using that language. But it will be a sad thing for me when one of my students wrote in his paper… “Sorry teacher, I don’t know the answer…”

During my days, I enjoyed writing any kinds of writing materials. The best thing back then was the teacher was so supportive. I tried my best to be a good teacher – trying to be a part of my students’ journey to their success. Some of them allow me to be in their world, but still… there are students who think I’m not worthy enough to be a part of their journey. Hey… I’m only a teacher – I know my stand well before they don’t even exist yet.

Dearest students… teachers are human beings too. There’s no harm in learning new things from the teacher. Although there are some teachers who like to neglect their own students, but bear with them for a while in your learning process. Then you’ll see the beauty of learning itself…


midonz said...

life is not easy..

naz said...

so true....but u r a great teacher. Never give up, it would be a total loss for your students.

sophietarmizi said...

hmm... Giving up is not really a choice. But i'm giving all i have.


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