Monday, February 14, 2011

Jealousy is the worst policy....

I have been working long enough in this school compared to my previous schools. But...during these hectic years, I feel like I'm still alone and I don't really comfortable with my work. I don't know why, but still I feel that there are people who don't like the way I do my work here.

Being a person in-charge of the library doesn't make me a 'celebrity' in school. My salary is still the same, but my workload is different. There are people who keep asking what exactly I've been doing in my room. Well...they just look from outside and do not dare to step inside my world. They just know how to complain instead of asking me if I need help.

But somehow I like being in the library to do my work...books don't talk back. At least I have my own peace while I'm working with all the books...pretty books. And for my entertainment, I have read so many books that can help me to cope better with my life.

I wonder why there are people who like to make other people's life miserable? If you don't like's fine with me. I don't even care if you don't want to smile or talk to me. I don't lose anything. I have everything in my life...It could be that those people don't like seeing me smiling and talking nicely towards other people. Jealousy is still widely 'used' in school...I guess.

There's nothing wrong with me...but it could have been something wrong with their brains. Do they have one? Something wrong somewhere...still, they look at me like I'm a kind of hopeless person they have ever met. I wish that their eyes were somewhere else so that they wouldn't look at me that way. For God's sake...I've been working here for 5 long years...for exactly 5 long years they have been avoiding me...but, I don't lose anything....

People seem nicer if they want something from me, but if they hate me, what can I do? I'm a simple human being, with feelings and thoughts...What the heck...I will always try my best to be ME...Hopefully, I won't lose my mind on these stupid matters...and stupid people....hahahahahahahha.....Wish me luck.....really need one.

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