Thursday, January 20, 2011

We used to be....compared to teenagers nowadays...

I've been teaching for almost eight years now. But the environment is not the same anymore. I tend to be exhausted with my students' attitude towards learning and gaining knowledge. Sometimes I wonder if they have the brain or not. They have one...but do they use it frequently? Or could it be just a hidden item in their heads?

I used to be a student. We used to be students not so long ago. I think when we compare to our time, these teenagers seem to be more spoiled than us back then. I still remember being punished either by a cane or even a slap by my teachers for the mistakes that I've have done. I'm sure most of us received quite the same punishment back then. we complain? If I complain to my dad, I'll receive another 'reward' from him for sure. But, students nowadays, if we punish them, they'll tell their parents and the next thing is a disaster. The parents will come and argue a lot about our punishment - saying that their children would never do such things in school.

I would tell my students that...if they want me to be a good teacher, I will be one. But if they force me to be a mean teacher, I would glad to be one. It's their own choice. I'm only a teacher, and I could not force them to like me or the subject. It's their own choice to change their attitude and their future. I can help them along the way, but still, they have the decision to make on their own.

I think most teachers do feel the same way about education nowadays. If we tell the parents something about their children, some of them will feel that we are talking badly about their children. There are parents who believe in teachers, but most parents nowadays are actually looking down on us. I do feel bad about this matter. Students nowadays are being pampered too much and it affects their future.

I don't want to be blamed. So, I've been trying all these years to change some students to walk in a better path of life. I will feel satisfied when one day they come and see me and tell me...Teacher, thanks for changing my view of English. I do have students who appreciate me. I think most of the teachers out there have their own way of teaching and educating their own students. But the great success is when we get to see our students' achievements either in education or even in life - as a person.

I'm not saying that I'm giving up...but I have to try harder to think positively towards my students...cross my fingers...hopefully I can manage my own stress while handling those problematic students of mine.

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