Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A precious one...inside the womb...

After being married for 8 years and having twins....I've decided to have a baby once more. My husband opposed the idea at first because he doesn't want me to suffer the morning sickness and also the delivering part. I had the worst during the first few months during pregnancy. I couldn't eat, I couldn't drive and the worst part was I vomited after every meal. I lost few kilogrammes.

And he was there for me each time I need him. He was there when I gave birth to my twins too - a normal birth, but with the help of epidural. It didn't hurt me during the process but after delivering the babies, I couldn't hold myself together because the pain was indescribable.

8 weeks pregnancy

But suddenly he changed his mind after seeing his friends holding their babies when they came to our house last few months. So, he agreed to have another baby. I felt glad that he decided for me.

Now, with the foetus inside my womb, I'm not feeling well since the day I found out that I was pregnant again.  My morning sickness isn't the same like the first one. It's a mild one, but still, I lost 1 kg per day. I lost my appetite and I couldn't even eat white rice. I tried to eat but I will waste the food each time I tried.

Lucky me - I have a very considerate husband. He does all the cooking for me if he has time to spare, and he takes care of everything. Although he is working, he makes sure I have enough rest because I will feel tired and sleepy easily. I know that this kind of feeling will last for at least for 4 more weeks. I hope I will get better soon and I can go to work without having a bad morning sickness. I'm glad that I'm a teacher - to have enough rest during this school holiday.

I feel pity for my twins because now is school holiday, but I couldn't even drive them to the park. They would only play in the house or the front yard. I wish I could end this morning sickness quickly so I can be ME again - full with energy and I can do everything that I want.

One thing for sure....every mother should be treated nicely when they have a life inside their wombs.....


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