Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life doesn't work as we plan....

Have you been reorganizing your life recently? Or have you been changing your lifestyle to suit this modern world lately? Have you been planning a long list on how your life should be?

I've been planning few things in my life since I turned 30 this year. But my plans seem to have some problems in the middle of the changing process. I don't want to discuss what my plans are, but I just want to share some problems that occur during the process.

Many people do have their plans in life - whether it is small or big, it still will affect one's life in the future. Maybe it will involve money, relationships, or any other things in life, but changes are important if we want to move forward. It seems easy but when it comes to changing things, it requires a lot of things. Planning is quite easy, but making it happens is another story.

Some problems do occur when we decided it is time to change something. Whether it is about about money or relationships, some kind of irritating problems will come in between. Sometimes, other people will meddle with our plans. And some people actually like it when the changes that we are trying to make are not going to happen at all. I feel so frustrated right now that my chest is going to explode. I don't know where to turn to when my plans are not going to work smoothly.

I wonder, why there are so many people who actually hate other people's happiness. It seems to me that there are certain people who are waiting for one's downfall and will smile happily when they are satisfied about that.

Money will always be the biggest issues in one's life. Husbands and wives might divorce because of money. Children are abandoned just because of money. And there are millions things happen just because of money. Whether is is good or bad, money seems to have a big influence on one's life.

I'm not really fond of money, but it is essential to have enough money to build a family. I feel tired just thinking how to earn more money for my children's education. I'm sure most parents out there feel the same way too.

It will be lucky for some people who are not having the same problems. They might be having their biggest changes in life without having any troubles. So, as I sat down and did my reflection, I did think about what will happen to all my plans and I pray that my plans will somehow work as I planned them to be.

Planning is important. But to make it happens, it requires a lot of strength and plenty of help from your beloved ones. I do hope that you all haven't stopped planning your life....make it happen....

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