Sunday, November 14, 2010

Smile costs you NOTHING...

I just went back from a short trip to a famous place in Malaysia. I went there with my family members - six adults and three children. We stayed there for two nights at a well-known hotel and had a wonderful time there visiting interesting places and we had a chance to go for sight-seeing too.

It's not about the places that we have visited for the past three days. It is all about courtesy that the people there should have. The price of a smile is so expensive that we rarely saw the hotel staffs smiling to us or to any other customers like us.

I don't understand - Where has all the politeness gone to? Only few workers gave us a nice smile when we thanked them for what they have done to our room. Their service is quite okay. But some of them have some kind of facial impression that they are not happily working there - I guess. 

But for me, you are the ambassador of Malaysia. Why don't you put a nice smile on your gloomy face? The tourists might think that you won't like to assist them in anything that they will ask you for. I felt terrible when I asked a simple question, the staff wouldn't even answer it properly and I have to repeat my question again. As the result, I received a weird kind of look as if I'm deaf that I couldn't hear her out. It wasn't my fault! She was looking at the table while answering my question.

But overall, my money doesn't go into the drain. I feel great after having this short trip with my family. We've become much more closer and our bond is getting stronger. I would suggest that you all should plan a trip - although it might be a very short one as long as you can spend some quality time with your family especially your beloved children.

Sometime, money is meant to be spent with your beloved ones....

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midonz said...

should be trained more to be effective in future.
may be they get cheap salary, no wonder the result also worst..
try another services if you can get better than that..


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