Monday, November 15, 2010

Morning Sickness.....a pressure of a gift.....

One thing that I think most women out there would agree with me is morning sickness can be a great pressure of a great gift after being married - getting pregnant with a child. Some women are blessed without having the morning sickness through entire pregnancy. But most women I know will have slight trouble in the morning caused by their pregnancy.

Brushing your teeth would lead to vomitting early in the morning. Even the smell of certain food or people can lead to that also. Your stomach would feel some kind of nasty feeling and it tends to throw up once in a while. This kind of feeling sometimes makes the women feel tired and sort of swayed a little bit - like rowing on a boat. We can't help it because it is the nature of early pregnancy. Some women said they experienced it until the seventh month - like my mother while carrying me. I experienced it until the third month of my pregnancy while carrying my twins. And some lucky women...they experienced nothing at all. How delightful!

The next thing would happen during early pregnancy is the swollen breasts - they will produce milk for your newborn baby. You would feel a little bit pain on the area and sometimes it hurts a lot. I read a magazine and it said that : To help you to ease a bit the pain, get a cabbage and tear it one by one. Take the leaves and put onto your swollen breasts. Wear your tight bra and the pain will be lesser. This tips can help you after delivering your child because when your child is not breastfeeding while you are working, the breasts tend to be swollen. Cabbages can help you to ease the pain at least a bit.

One thing that I learn is to eat accordingly : Eat when you feel hungry, but don't eat too much. You might feel hungry but if you force to eat too much food, your stomach couldn't process the food you have eaten earlier. It would lead to stomachache and vomitting too. But, if you don't feel like eating, you should try to eat light food because an empty stomach feel lead to gastric. Some women like me don't really enjoy drinking milk. But I have to force myself to drink chocolate milk or low-fat milk to reduce the pain a bit. Gastric can be worst if you don't treat it well.

If your mouth feels dry, you should drink hot lemon-tea or drinks that have sourness in them. It helps you to feel quite good because sourness is good for nausea. Some people say that iced drinks are not good for the babies - but sometimes I feel like drinking iced drinks especially on a hot day. It's okay I guess.

Some women might have problems in eating food. Some couldn't eat at all. But, my advice is that you should try to eat food as much as you could because it gives you energy to work or to move around. The smell of food sometimes leads me to vomitting but what choice do I have? We have to endure this until it stops itself.

Pregnancy is already a gift - so we have to endure everything that comes with the package.....Don't you think?

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